Site Benefits

In this April 5, 2012 photo, an MBTA train pulls into a stop on Commonweath Avenue near Boston University in Boston. The tunnels and bridges have long since been built, but Boston's massive and oft-maligned Big Dig project has left a legacy of debt in Massachusetts that many contend is crippling the state's overall transportation network. Big Dig debt was cited as one of the reasons why the MBTA was forced last week to raise fares and cut some service. (AP Photo/Elise Amendola)

WageWorks Commuter Benefits Program

This WSHQ benefit enables P&G Boston employees to pay public transportation (the Boston MBTA or T system) expenses with pre-tax dollars.

Child painting at easel in school.

Care@Work by

Full-time, benefits-eligible P&G employees based in Boston are eligible to use a limited number of subsidized back-up daycare for children, both direct dependents or children of the employee’s spouse or partner.

a barbar shop chair

The Art of Shaving

Hair cutting services for men and women. Art of Shaving Royal and Traditional shaves by a barber trained in Art of Shaving technique.

P&G employees receive discounts at our WSHQ site on both products & services.

photo of the cafeteria


Our cafeteria is subsidized by the site and provides a range of choices including many items made in-house (from scratch) or designed with Vibrant Living in-mind (low fat, high fiber, fruit and veggie focused).

candy dispensers

King's Kafé

Offers house made bakery, Fro-Yo, Grab & Go and “Proudly Brewed by Starbucks Coffees” as well as specialty espresso drinks.

drink dispenser and refrigerators with food in them

Sharpie's Shop

Our 24/7 personal quick stop station providing full meals to heat and go as well as a large assortment of snacks and beverages. Payments are made at a self checkout kiosk where you can pay with cash, credit card or Sharpie’s Shop Card. You can even pay with your fingerprint, if enabled.

sharpie's shop logo
a white cup of coffee with coffee beans next to it

Free Coffee Program

Many of our kitchen spaces throughout the building provide free coffee via brewing machines that grind beans before brewing. Simply bring your own mug, sugar, milk, etc.

a Nissan leaf ev charging

Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

If you have an electric vehicle, the WSHQ offers free charging to employees at our six charging stations.

patio area

Outdoor Patio

In the warmer months, you can join friends for lunch or even work (Wi-Fi reaches out there normally) from our new patio in the front of the building. One more thing to look forward to after a cold New England winter.